Simple DIY Projects For Your Home - Part 1: Fix Wall Dents & Holes

March 28, 2018

In celebration of the warmer weather, many of us are gearing up for a warm, eventful, and enjoyable summer. In order to celebrate at the very highest caliber, some good ol' home renovation DIY projects are in order! 

Whether you live in a traditional house, townhouse or even a condo, our DIY 5 part series has something for everyone! These amazing tips help you enjoy the place in which you spend a whole lot of your time, add value to your home and save tons of money in comparison if you were to hire a contractor for the job!

Our series will consist of the following articles:

The 5 DIY projects we will discuss in this blog post are the following:
1) How to repair small holes, and minor imperfections on your walls and doors
2) How to refinish or replace your hardwood for a cost effective price!
3) How to replace Dingy Bathroom Caulk by yourself in your shower or tub.
4) How to install new backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom
5) How to replace your bathroom tile
In our first part, we discuss how to fix those annoying little holes and imperfections that lie hidden around your house from everyday wear and tear (especially if you have any kids or pets).

Small dings and dents in drywall: 

Tools You Will Need:
1) Hammer
2) Mud Pan
3) Pry Bar
4) Taping Knife
5) Utility Knife
6) Trouble Light

Materials You Will Need:
1) 120-Grit
2) Aluminum Drywall Path
3) Drywall Compound
4) Drywall Mesh tape
5) Drywall Paper Tape
6) Fine Grit
7) Primer
8) Sanding Sponge
9) Sandpaper

How To Get Started:
1. Gather your tools & clear your workspace
- It is very important to have all your tools and materials laid out properly to be able to get to the tools & items you need easily.
2. Discover Your Fixes
- Turn off all your lights and then slowly use a Trouble light to find dents, holes, and blemishes on your wall. 
3. Mark Your Findings
- Once you find something that doesn't look right it is important to mark it with tape so you can easily reference it later.
Once you have all that done, you are now ready to learn step-by-step on how to fix your wall like a pro!

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