Got Kids and Pets? Mohawk Solid Tech Flooring’s Got You Covered!

November 07, 2018

Mohawk Solid Tech Flooring

Let’s face it, if you live in a household with no pets and children, it’s easy enough to find the perfect flooring for your home. You can make your decision based on looks without worrying about the many mishaps that can damage a floor in a home with pets and kids, but if you share your space with little ones of any species, you have different priorities. You need a flooring option that can stand up to all that they can throw at it, without making your floors look merely functional as opposed to beautiful. Problem solved: meet Mohawk Solid Tech Flooring!

How tough is Mohawk Solid Tech Flooring? Tough enough to survive Hurricane Harvey intact- and still look great!


If you’ve got kids and pets, you’re going to need a floor that can withstand the hardest of abuse. Whether it’s a toddler spilling her milk or a puppy who has an “accident”, there’s always something. The floor of the average active household is going to end up getting wet on a constant basis. If your floor isn’t completely waterproof, the resultant stains and odours can require refinishing or replacement to eliminate the damage.

However, you can rest assured that the completely waterproof Mohawk Solid Tech Flooring will save the day. You can wipe up the mess without any moisture making it into the floor, no matter how much time has elapsed. Both the impervious 100% virgin vinyl surface and the waterproof Uniclic© joints will not just discourage but actively repel liquids. This means no odours that linger forever or permanent stains that will mark your floor’s appearance! You can also install them in a basement without worrying about moisture seeping into the floor from below. Even the core is completely waterproof. Mohawk Solid Tech Flooring can be used in the sunniest of rooms without worrying about the beautiful colour fading. These vinyl planks will not lose their original hue, no matter how bright the sun is!

As well, this floor’s surface is so tough that there’s no fear of scratches and dents marring the surface. No more permanent reminders of your dog’s claws in a hardwood floor! And the strong inner core will not cup or warp, keeping your floor perfectly flat for a lifetime, even if you have wide swings in humidity or temperature.


While there are other tough flooring options out there, you usually end up having to sacrifice looks for durability. Not so with Mohawk Solid Tech Flooring! These vinyl plank floors will give you the desirable look of hardwood floors without the headaches of regular maintenance and potential damage.

Whether your preference is for rustic knotty wood, sleek grey-stained boards, or dark, sophisticated tones, you will find the perfect colour in this line. As well as beautiful colours, these vinyl planks have been engineered to deliver a real wood look and feel with sophisticated textures that mimic natural wood. As well, the low-frequency patterns make for greater variations that contribute to the realistic look of the floor. You won’t see the same knot repeated every few feet on your floor!

Installation and Maintenance

Whether your home is a new build, or you’re renovating, Mohawk Solid Tech Flooring is a great option when you’re looking for both durability and looks. The 7” wide and 49” long planks ensure that you can quickly cover the floor surface. As well, Mohawk’s patented Uniclic© technology ensures a waterproof surface with the use of glue! This means you can walk on the floor as soon as it’s been installed.

You also don’t need to spend time removing a subfloor before installation- Mohawk Solid Tech Flooring is 50% denser than the average composite core flooring. As a result, it won’t telegraph what’s underneath, making the installation process even easier!

Ongoing maintenance of this floor is limited to regular sweeping and wet-mopping- perfect for a busy household!

Because Mohawk Solid Tech Flooring is completely waterproof, and can put up with the toughest of treatment, it’s perfectly suited to even kitchens, bathrooms, and mudrooms. But at the same time, its sophisticated appearance makes it appropriate in living rooms and bedrooms. This means you can install the same flooring throughout your home. Whether it’s a small condo or a multi-storey house, using one surface maintains a seamless transition from one space to another. And once you’ve installed it, the warranty that protects all pets, all accidents, all the time ensures that you will never have to worry about your floors again!

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