Vinyl Planks: Durable Beauty at an Affordable Price!

June 25, 2018

Vinyl planks will change the way you look at vinyl flooring. Vinyl may conjure up images of a 1980’s kitchen, with its wide expanse of vinyl sheet flooring. Perhaps your kitchen still has that floor! As you contemplate upgrading to a new, modern floor covering, vinyl might be the last thing that you’d consider.

'But wait- today’s vinyl flooring options are smart, good-looking, and not just for kitchens any more!'

Vinyl Planks in the Kitchen

A vinyl plank floor in an attractive wide-plank wood finish will look authentic, but withstand both moisture and wear for years! Maybe you yearn instead for the look of a stone floor reminiscent of an old-world kitchen, but you also know that standing on an unyielding stone floor for any length of time is going to be very hard on your feet. A vinyl plank floor can deliver the look of stone with more comfort underfoot at a very reasonable price!

Vinyl Planks in the Bathroom

The bathroom is another space where moisture and high traffic can quickly take a toll on flooring. Vinyl planks can shine here as well! Whether you want the warmth of wood or the look of stone, you can use easily-installed and moisture-resistant vinyl planks on your bathroom floor. As a bonus, you can even install many vinyl plank floors over in-floor heating systems, giving you the luxury of a heated floor where you will appreciate it most.

Vinyl Planks in the Basement

Basements can be a difficult space for flooring. There’s always the risk of moisture damage, either from flooding on top of the surface, or seeping up through the concrete below. While you may want the look of hardwood in your basement media room, it’s a risky choice, as one flood will result in having to tear the whole thing out and start again. Worry no more! A vinyl plank floor with a wood finish will look beautiful and resist the moisture that is so likely to be a problem. In addition, a floating vinyl plank floor can be installed right over a concrete subfloor without an underlayment, making it even easier and more affordable.

Vinyl Planks in the Bedroom

Especially for a child’s room, you want something that looks good and will stand up to the rough and tumble that goes along with kids. Vinyl plank flooring is a great option! Comfortable for crawling around on or building blanket forts, it will clean up easily and withstand almost anything that gets thrown at it. At the same time, a vinyl plank floor is equally suitable for grown-up bedrooms as well, where it can look sophisticated or casual, depending on your style.

Vinyl Plank Installation and Maintenance

One of the great things about vinyl plank flooring is that it’s easy for the homeowner to install! This helps to keep it a very affordable alternative to other flooring options. Once you’ve cleaned and leveled the subfloor, it’s basically a matter of cutting the planks to fit, and clicking them into place. That’s it. No nails, no glue. And if one plank becomes damaged, it’s possible to remove it and replace it with a new one without having to redo the entire floor!

A vinyl plank floor is also a breeze to clean up. Vacuum, sweep or damp mop it to keep it looking as good as the day you first installed it.

Vinyl plank flooring is so versatile that you could create one seamless floor throughout your entire house, or on one complete level, and still be able to deliver both the look and durability that can work in even the most formal of living rooms through to a mudroom or basement laundry room. Whether you’re contemplating a new floor for one room or the whole house, vinyl planks may be the flooring solution you’re looking for!

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