Waterproof Flooring - What are Your Options?

November 13, 2018

Waterproof Floors - What Are Your Options?

Surely we’re all familiar with what can happen if you don’t have flooring that can withstand water. No matter how fast you can wipe it up, the liquid will quickly seep down into the floor, leading to staining, warping, mold and even damaging the ceilings below in extreme circumstances. If you’re looking at installing new flooring, consider the options available to you in both traditional and newly developed surfaces! You may end up waterproofing your whole house!

What Is Waterproof Flooring?

First of all, it’s important to understand the difference between water-resistant and waterproof flooring. There are some flooring choices that have no waterproof resistance at all- in other words, most carpets. If something gets spilled on a carpet, it will quickly seep down through the pile, backing and underlayment. Next up the rung is water-resistant flooring, which has a protective surface which will significantly slow down the absorption of water by the underlayers. For instance,Mohawk’s Artfully Designed Laminate Flooring is warrantied to resist water for 30 minutes, giving you some time to grab that mop and clean up the mess before damage can occur. Most laminate flooring falls into this category. Finally, there is waterproof flooring that will never let the moisture be absorbed. Rather than just having a water-resistant surface layer, waterproof flooring can be completely submerged, or even end up floating loose in the water, and still never absorb water.

Where Does Waterproof Flooring Make Sense?

Looking around your home, there are some places where you will probably want the peace of mind of waterproof flooring. Those would be the rooms where there’s most likely to be spills and puddles. Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and mudrooms are all prime candidates for this worry-free flooring. While water-resistant flooring can withstand minor spills with some success, not even the best surface protection can save a floor from the flood of water pouring out of a broken pipe. Basements are another place where a waterproof floor makes a lot of sense. All it takes is a torrential rainfall or backed-up sewer to wreck even a water-resistant floor!

There’s nothing to stop you from deciding to use the same waterproof flooring throughout your home, an especially attractive option in a condo where it will make the small space seem larger, or if you simply like the idea of a seamless expanse from one end of your house to the other. Today’s waterproof flooring can mimic materials from hardwood to stone so that the design possibilities are endless!

Top 3 Types of Waterproof/Resistant Flooring

Cork Collection

Harris Luxury Vinyl Cork Flooring is a good option if you are looking for a highly water-resistant flooring. This has an inner core of naturally water-resistant cork, which is sustainably harvested. Cork is good at providing cushioning underfoot, making it a good choice for kitchens and laundry rooms, where people tend to be on their feet for long periods of time. The layer of vinyl on top of the cork core is available in a good selection of patterns, including very realistic-looking wood. The layer of vinyl on the bottom provides extra protection from moisture from below, making it a good choice for basements.

Ceramic and porcelain tile have been used for thousands of years to create a fully waterproof surface in many different cultures, and they are still a favourite today. Tiles are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, and today there even realistic wood patterns available! They’re a popular choice especially for bathrooms, where they are used not just on the floor but on walls and counters to protect against the inevitable moisture that goes along with bathing, showering, and other bathroom functions.

Tile Collection
Mohawk Vinyl Collection

Mohawk SolidTech vinyl plank flooring combines the waterproof guarantee that you’re looking for with a wide choice in looks. These vinyl floor planks are guaranteed not to absorb water- in fact, they’ve been re-used by homeowners after a hurricane has flooded them out! The composite core is impervious to water. Whether it’s in a busy kitchen or a bathroom prone to puddles from a child’s bath-time, it will stand up to wear and provide a waterproof barrier. The vinyl surface layer authentically recreates the look of a variety of wood species, making it suitable for installation throughout your home without any sacrifice of looks for function.

With the new types of waterproof flooring available today, you can choose from different materials and patterns, giving you maximum flexibility to find a stylish and functional waterproof floor!

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