Transforming Spaces: Functional Space

Artfully Done reflects inspiration from abstracted interlocking shapes based on a topographic map of Mother Earth. This approach is an artistic masterpiece on nature's landscape and displays the heart and soul for contemporary pattern. Seven terrain inspired colorways provides this beautiful palette. It's a bird's eye view on design for modern interior spaces. Must be used with Mohawk Adhesive Glue
ColorStrand SD Nylon
Dense loops & low profile: Ideal for high traffic areas.
Tile Size 24” x 24”
Pile Height 0.187 inches
Pattern Repeat 0 width x 0 length
Minimum Order Qty 8 square yards
Quarter Turn / Monolithic / Vertical Ashlar / Brick Ashlar / Multi Directional
+Packaging & Delivery
Delivery: 7-10 business days, based on availability.
Leadtime may vary
General, pet, soil stains: Lifetime
Abrasive wear, texture retention, fade-resistance, manufacturing defects: 10 Years
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